Friday, 28 March 2014

Thank God for Weekends!!!!

OMG, I seriously don't have another day left in me this week.  I have worked 5 twelve hour days just to try and get caught up....didn't happen.  I have well over 100 emails to welcome me back Monday morning!  UNLESS I win a healthy portion of the Lotto Max 48 Million tonight!  Imagine the freedom!  IF there is any "windfall" coming my way this evening, you can bet that tomorrow I will be in warmer climates!  Like this!
Welcome Home!

Welcome to Daytona Beach

Daytona Speedway Victory Lane

My "hubby" is home we get to have a decent conversation, face to face and not long distance.  Sure to miss him when he's gone....feel so alone in the world, especially here.  (Everyone knows how I feel about the HERE thingy)....LOL
Nasa Kennedy Space Center
(he's the one outside the bubble!  lol)

I had a surprise today...a big one....are you ready for this?  I saw the sun for about half an hour after it stopped snowing.  Man, it has been snowing since Monday and guess what, more snow Saturday, Sunday and Monday!  Looks like the first decent day is going to be Tuesday.
Lake Louise, covered in snow and FROZEN!
Just had to add the pic, it's beautiful!

Had a wonderful chat with my Big Brother tonight, we laughed and chatted about old times and remembered so many wonderful things. So glad he is feeling better from his hospital stay.
My Wonderful Brother Gerry and his late wife Janet
(what a sweetheart)

Had some good news about our friends in Mazatlan as well....Bill is finally beginning to feel better (again), this is his second stay in the hospital.  Hopefully by Monday he will be back at the RV with Carol.  They still have a long drive to get back to Indiana!

Our final day with Bill & Carol in Mazatlan at Torres Mazatlan (breakfast)

For the last few days I have been daydreaming about the past and the places I've been and wishing I could go back.  Some people that know me realize that Daytona Beach is one of my most favourite places to go.  It is an easy drive from Bowmanville to Florida and we've even done it straight through a time or two.  I miss the beach and the great walks hubby and I would take daily in the water up to the pier.  We met some fantastic people there and miss them as well.  Oh to go "HOME"!
My bully sister, trying to get me wet!
Prince Edward Island vacation

From the top of the lighthouse Ponce Inlet
Daytona Beach, FLORIDA

Our Hotel, Atlantic Ocean Palm
 Daytona Beach Florida

Goofing around in the hills of North Carolina!
YES, I did get my rock!

Well it will soon be supper time here....(ok, maybe a couple of drinks first)....I was too exhausted to go for groceries this week  so that will be tomorrows job, along with laundry and a bit of cleaning. Perhaps tonight will be Chinese from the restaurant next door that I can walk to!
Las Vegas, lunch with Jackie and John near Freemont Street!  Looks Yummy!

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