Thursday, 7 January 2016

Renovations Continue!

We had a fantastic time on our vacation during the Christmas season in Daytona Beach.  Booked into one place, it didn't meet my (our)standards, left there and booked into Ocean Court.  Wonderful place and very friendly people.  They had a party Christmas eve and the entire place was invited.  Plenty of food and drinks for everyone.  Great time.  Here are some pics of our vacation.

View from our room

Even the mailboxes got decorated on the street!

Busted by the cops!

The new updated Daytona Speedway!

This years Pace Car for the Daytona 500 in Feb!

Our Christmas Dinner that I made.  Yes you really can stuff a cornish hen!

Decorated for the season!

I even found Santa!

Imagine driving this on a major highway going at 80 MPH!  NOT!


Driving back was great until we got to Erie, PA....snow, vehicles off the road, jack knifed tractor trailers.....and me sitting in the passenger seat scared to bits!  Left DB 6:00 AM on Jan 1 and arrived in B'ville 1:30 AM.  God bless hubby for driving and keeping us safe.
My hero!  Love him to the moon!

The renovations continue but I can see the end in sight.  Still have to get the windows in, door replaced, shower door in ensuite to be installed, painting to complete and so on!  Here are some pics....reminder to me I guess of what it looked like before and what it looks like now.
New ensuite cabinet and granite top

New vantiy in main, new granite top and most import new WHITE floor!  Bye bye blue chitt!

New counter top and black sink/taps

New trim all around - notice no window in a fish bowl at the moment LOL

I have a toilet in my living room!  Temporarily, until the grout dries.

Been a ruff brothers wife passed away on Tuesday and he is taking it hard.  My prayers and thought go out to him.  Love him so much.  Be safe everyone and God Bless.