Sunday, 23 March 2014

Arrived home from Las Vegas around midnight.....and what a surprise was FREAKIN COLD and SNOWING!  The winter that will never end!  I don't do winter well!

I did manage to see some beautiful sites in Las Vegas...I'll post some of the beautiful flowers and images from my travels.

Love the smell of the fresh flowers!

More beautiful flowers!
Picture of real greenery and flowers!

Managed to get together with some very dear friends, Jackie & John.....enjoyed a fantastic lunch at Gordon Ramsey Pub & was delicious!  Wish I knew how he makes the chicken lollipops, yummy.
Wall of kegs!
SOOOOOO delicious!

Rented a car for a day and went to Death Valley.  The Death Valley National Monument was established by President Hoover in 1933 and designated Death Valley National Park in 1994 by President Clinton.  The Park lands cover 3.3 million acres / 1.4 million hectares.  The second highest worldwide temperature recorded was in Death Valley in 1913 at 134 degrees F / 56.6 degrees C.
Death Valley
The highest point in the park is Telescope Peak at 11,049 ft / 3,368 m and the lowest is Badwater which is -282 ft / 86m below sea level. The average annual rainfall in Death Valley National Park is less than 2" / 5cm.
Driving into the was 81 degrees F
(and it was MARCH)

I took so many pictures of the mountains and the terrain....difficult to decide which ones to post.  Also went to Ubehebe Crater and this was extremely interesting:

Short explanation of what happened

A little windy at the Crater!

Did some walking while in Vegas...OK, did LOTS of walking in Vegas.  Used the "bus" pass a few times that Jackie & John gave us but for the most part we walked most places.  

Jackie & John can appreciate this...walked from Hard Rock Hotel to Freemont Street!  And YES, we did stop in at the "Pawn Stars"....the show that's on TV that we watch.  They were filming one day and I did get to see Chumley....

Pawn Stars (TV SHOW)

At Pawn Stars...that's US Funds...yours if you can afford it!

A few more random pictures

The High Roller at night in Vegas

Scotty's Castle
Fifty-three miles from the Furnace Creek Resort and within the park boundaries, Scotty’s Castle stands as a tribute to friendship. In the early 1900′s, Walter Scott (Death Valley Scotty) convinced Albert Johnson to grubstake his gold mining expeditions.  The gold never materialized but Johnson fell in love with Death Valley and took a liking to the colorful Scotty. Johnson and his wife, Bessie, built this two-million dollar home with luxurious appointments and Scotty claimed it was his and was building it from the profits from his gold mine.  Owned today by the National Park Service, daily interpretive tours are provided year round.

Now that's a way to make money in Vegas!

The two of us at Scotty's Castle

Outside Little White Wedding Chappel Vegas!
Have a great week everyone!

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