Tuesday, 2 December 2014

That didn't take long!

Seemed like just yesterday wen were off for a weeks vacation and today is our last day off! OMG how time flies!  Where did the week go!

I didn't hardly take any pics this time as I have been over this same highway so many times.  Roads were pretty good but as we approached Whitefish, there was an accident.  People in the US can't drive any better in snow than most Calgarians!

Cute butt!

The road home was treacherous, at least one part of it.  Sheer ice!  The tow truck driver was making a small fortune.  Lots of people went off the road and some people were in the ditch waiting for the tow truck to haul them out.

We got some good deals at Black Friday!  My first time doing this and must admit it was fun!  We have never spent so much time in a Wal Mart as we did that day...8 hours to be exact!  Was it worth it...Yes!
I watched a Christmas Movie called "The Christmas Shepherd" and this picture was in it!
Trying to plan something for Christmas....work 13 days and then off again!  Best part of work is vacation!

My BIG bday is right around the corner!  OMG...what the hell did I do with my life?  I keep saying I want to retire but that clearly isn't going to happen any time soon!  I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go!

I just went on CBC News for the latest headlines:

El Nino should keep polar vortex at bay, Environment Canada says:  Warmer Pacific temperatures should mean a warmer winter than last year, forecaster predicts (OMG....hopefully they are talking Calgary)!
We are in the RED!


Have a fantastic week everyone!  Be safe and God Bless!