Monday, 26 January 2015

Saw on J's blog that she made the list. 

On here blog she write: I made the list.  Had a mention in a friend's blog Taking Routes.

I received an email asking to use one of our scanned photos from 1991. I was surprised and had to check that it really was a photo taken by it and it was so I told the blogger to go ahead and use it.

Congratulations J...well done...hard work does pay off!  And BTW, thanks for showing me and helping me along the way!

My friend Jackie (January 2015,  Las Vegas)

Another new week about to begin...we are still not feeling the greatest...and have both lost a considerable amount of  weight....good thing in a way, not so good in another!

It is sunny...ok a mix of sun and cloud here today....but supposed to go to +16 today, +11 tomorrow and +16 again on Tuesday.  There was talk we could even reach +20.  Then according to the weatherman, we're cooling down with highs of +6.  The eastern seaboard is in for severe weather with up to 2 feet (yes you are reading this correct) of the white stuff!

Kalin Mitchell, a CBC meteorologist says snow will begin to fall along the Bay of Fundy coastline between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Tuesday.
Our friends are still in Mazatlan and posting images of the pretty.  They plan on staying there another month...nice weather, so much better than the cold!  Bill is finally feeling better again so that's wonderful news.

The J's are off to LA then to Singapore with a destination of Australia.  I am looking forward to seeing the pics they post.

Work is interesting to say the least...put it this way, the kids are fighting again and not a lot of happy campers in the department.  Things are about to changes....come Feb 13th....OMG!

I just looked out at the decks here at the condo, no snow!  Gotta love it.  Now if this would continue and no more white crap, that would be fantastic.


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Love it!

I have a mystery and it's driving me crazy.  Yesterday I went to the mail box...there was a brown envelope from the website "Kiss 2Keep" and inside it had a black pouch with a necklace in it.  There was a business card attached that said"  "Happy Birthday Debi" thank you for your order.  Karen".  Problem #1....I don't know a Karen, Problem #2 I didn't order anything.  So me being curious I went to the website (as noted on the card) and there is the necklace....valued at $174.97 CAD!  It is called an Elizabeth Taylor necklace!  It was addressed to me at my home address.  I checked my credit cards...NO I didn't order it!  Very few people know work (because I have to write my name so many times) that I shortened the spelling to "Debi".  This is driving me nuts! Too bad it wasn't a million dollar check....and legal!  I wouldn't be asking these questions.  Still curious as to who it came from!  This is keeping me awake at night so it is also bad for my health! LOL ......Forgot to mention it came from Utah!

Here is the mystery necklace!!


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So true!  I'm OK! Seriously!

Have a great week everyone.  

PS:  If you can solve the mystery, let me know...P L E A S E !  I need sleep! LOL

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Another week about to begin!

I know that the holiday season is over but I couldn't resist posting the image of the Christmas scene.  It was one of my favorites again this year.  So pretty!  I have lots of images from our trip and will post some below.
Inside the Pizza Place
Who doesn't love chocolate!


Outside the Mirage!

Outside the Flamingo!
Now that's a shovel!

My future hubby!

Inside the MGM Grand!

I celebrated the big 60 this year in Las Vegas with hubby and our friends.  Got some lovely gifts for the occasion as well!  The J's gave me a pink flamingo for my Pandora twin sister gave me a charm as well with the words Sweet Sister on it.  Hubby bought me diamond earrings which I returned and we picked out my wedding band.  Looks lovely on my finger and we'll keep everyone posted as to when we make this legal....invites will be sent out!

Sweet Sister!
Flamingo from the J's!
This will be my wedding ring!

Not a lot going on here as we are still trying to get over this cold / flu!  This is very difficult to get over and we have both lost weight from being so sick.

The weather has been okay for a few days, not bitterly cold which is a good thing.  Weatherman said yesterday a high of 11 of Thursday and possibly 12 on Friday but I'll believe that when it actually happens.  We do get a lot of chinooks here but I would much rather be in Ontario!

Chinooks are most prevalent over southern Alberta in Canada, which get 30 to 35 Chinook days per year on average. In southwestern Alberta, Chinook winds can gust in excess of hurricane force [120 km/h (75 mph)]. On November 19, 1962, an especially powerful Chinook in Lethbridge gusted to 171 km/h (106 mph).  In Pincher Creek, the temperature rose by 41°C (74°F), from -19 to 22°C (-2 to 72°F), in one hour in 1962.[4] Trains have been known to be derailed by Chinook winds there. During the winter, driving can be treacherous, as the wind blows snow across roadways, sometimes causing roads to vanish and snowdrifts to pile up higher than a metre. Empty semitrailer trucks driving along Highway 3 and other routes in southern Alberta have been blown over by the high gusts of wind caused by Chinooks.
Calgary also gets many Chinooks – the Bow Valley in the Canadian Rockies west of the city acts as a natural wind tunnel, funneling the chinook winds.  In February 1992, Claresholm, Alberta hit 24°C (75°F) – one of Canada's highest February temperatures.

I grabbed a couple of pics from my friend J's FB pages....thanks J!  Now that's a beer!  LOL

Cheers guys!

Scenes from the Strip!

Jackie & I at Ethel M's Chocolate Factory.  In the cactus gardens!

Have a great week safe and God Bless!

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Cold & Nasty!

Well we've been home one week now and we are still dealing with the cold and flu we picked up on holidays.  We did each manage to have one drink tonight and a bit of dinner!

Our friends Jackie & John or as I like to call them the "Double J's"

It's been a sad and difficult week.  I went to work on Wednesday, was copied on an email one of my sales reps sent to Enbridge....apparently one of the ladies that was murdered in the mass shooting in Edmonton was a lady that I worked with and talked to constantly.  Such a wonderful person, young and beautiful with three small children.  This morning I received word that another lady we both worked with at Hubbell Canada passed away last night from bladder cancer.  She was only 41 with small children.

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The weather is still bitterly cold and guess what....still snowing! Good news is that is only about 71 days to spring!

Had to get groceries today and that seemed to be a big chore to both of us.  I was craving vegetables and fresh salad and a home cooked meal even though still can't taste much.
Not sure of the restaurant we had this at but it was good!


Had to take my diamond earrings in to get checked and cleaned (for warranty purposes) and went to another jeweller after that and we bought my wedding band.  Guess we should set a date and actually make this legal...LOL.   Stay tuned!!!!
Wedding chapel at the Flamingo!

Nothing much else new on this end....will post a few more pics of our latest trip to Las Vegas.  Have a great week everyone and be safe.  God Bless.
Vegas 2014
Outside the Mirage in Vegas

Riviera Hotel & Casino Entrance

Sculpture outside Encore

More Christmas decorations in Vegas 2014
Vegas 2014

Love the lighting!

Fremont East Las Vegas!

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Back to Reality!

Back from Las Vegas where we spent the Holidays this year with great friends.  Unfortunately, the both of us got sick.....the flight home was wicked.  NOTE to self!...don't fly when you have a cold! We arrived home late on Saturday and have not ventured out yet. Have been spending the days resting and hopefully back to work tomorrow!   **Oh Joy!  Some pics of our travels!

The Bears!

I may know him! 

Neat display in a store!

Pretty Cool!

Our Christmas decorations at home!  On top of closet!

I spent the big 60th B'day in Vegas with the J's and Alan.  While I was having my shower, hubby went downstairs and got us champagne to start the day!  Then he gave me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings!  The J's gave me a flamingo for my Pandora bracelet, it is beautiful.  We went to Todd English Bar & Grill for wasn't great food the first time around...I have never had a hot lobster roll so sent it back!  Picky or what but at this age....I am accustomed to certain things!  

Hubby, scotch & cigar!

Spent a couple of nights at the casino and the 5 O'clock Bar....great time.  Went with friends to Sam's Town and some other casinos off the strip.  Got to see a whole other side of Vegas and don't believe we will ever stay on the strip again.

Looks like a nice place to stay next time!

Inside the Orleans Casino

Orleans Casino

We took a drive to the Las Vegas Speedway.....Glittering Lights at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway will feature approximately 2.5 miles of lights, millions of twinkling lights, making for a great holiday experience for family and friends.  It was truly amazing to see and the funds raised go to Children's Charities.

Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway to Participate in Speedway Children’s Charities Annual Grant Distribution Event
Las Vegas Speedway Lights 2014
Glittering Lights LVS 2014
So pretty!

New Years Eve, the strip was closed so we couldn't ring in the New Year with friends.  Our room at the Flamingo was directly across the street from Caesars Palace and not too far from the Bellagio where they have the "dancing waters" and the Cosmopolitan  where they also had fireworks.  We could see it all from the 14th floor! Simply amazing!

Ringing in 2015!

Las Vegas Fireworks New Years Eve

Jan 3 and time to leave....the J's picked us up, we spent the afternoon (after a terrific lunch) with them and they drove us to the airport.  Back to reality and freaking COLD and SNOW!

Been snowing ever since we got off the plane on Saturday night....OMG....and COLD!  I have one goal and desire for 2015! Anyone care to take a guess!!!! 

Fooling around with the camera before we left Las Vegas!  Great pic!  Miss you J.

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Have a great week my friends!  Hopefully the bitter COLD and SNOW will stop soon!