Sunday, 10 August 2014

Turning Colder Already!

Well the low low last night was 9 C or 48 F and that is cool for the beginning of August but I have been told you can get snow here this time of year.  Great!  As if  I don't dislike this place enough already, add some snow this time of year!
    Aug. 7: Golf ball-sized hail caused extensive damage to vehicles and homes in the Airdrie area late Thursday afternoon.
    Calgary is the HAIL capital of Canada!  Damages from a storm earlier this week!
    Hail the size of loonies!

    I was very disappointed this week, I didn't get the National Accounts Coordinator position I applied for and my better half and I know why.  IF I had to go back to Ontario to work, they would have lost someone else and that wouldn't be allowed.  This is the second job that I didn't get on account of the same reason!  More changes coming this month at work, just don't know what they are!

    I have 1 more day off planned, a 2 day trip to Ontario for a wedding and then nothing else.  I still have 16.5 days to take vacation but every time I submit a request I get not sure when I will be allowed to take it.  August 29th, fly to Ontario and back here August 31!

    Nascar race today...go 24 Gordon!  He is doing great this year. When we were in Vegas at the M & M store, they had Kyle's car of my fellow bloggers is a Bush fan so I'll post a picture for her!  (Carol, here you go!)

    #18 Kyle Bush @ M & M's in Las Vegas

    Here are some more images of Glacier National Park and our mini trip last weekend!  Whens the next loooooooooooong weekend???
    For the car enthusiast!
    Scenery in Glacier 2014
    No rocks fell on my car!
    The road ahead and yes that's snow!

    Beautiful waterfall!

    Yeah right!

    Well that's it folks...lets see what the week ahead has in store.  

    never give up no matter how hopeless ~
    Somehow some way, we will make it happen!
    Have a great week ahead my friends.

    Monday, 4 August 2014

    Is it really over????

    What a great 4 days....left after work on Thursday, back on Sunday, today was spent with chores and getting ready to go back! NOOOO!
    Along the way...note the windmills in the background!

    The first night was spent in Fernie, BC.  Had dinner at a steak house food wasn't was good though! 
    Doesn't even look real!
    From our hotel room!
    Scotch & Cigar Time Fernie, BC
    Fernie, BC
    Fernie, BC

    Next day headed to Montana and the border. Scotch at duty free and we were good to go! Kalispell and Whitefish here we come!
    Driving through the mountain!
    WATER!  Haven't seen many lakes or water since B'ville!
    Along the side of the road in Kalispell!

    Shopping was much better in Kalispell than Great Falls, at least they have more stores one can visit....and the best part, no tax!
    Kalispell, Great Northern Railway
    The next ride!
    A fish with FUR!  At the museum in Whitefish!

    We ate twice at "Famous Dave's" and had a fantastic waitress, Deanne!  Service couldn't have been better!
    120908 Famous Dave's BBQ Feast Platter
    Dinner for Two!  It was delicious!

    On Sunday morning we got up early to head back....went through Glacier National Park....the scenery was amazing and YES, there was snow on the "Going-To-The-Sun Road".
    Who would have thought to do this with Herby!
    Along the way in Glacier National Park
    MORE to come!  Stay Tuned!
    More scenery!

    Tomorrow is back to person in my department was let go just before I left on Thursday...and more changes coming this week.  I am DREADING going to work...,.not where I want to be. That miracle of getting out of here better happen real soon!  Alan just asked what I wanted to do the rest of the day.....I said start packing our chitt!  LOL  (PS:  no news on the job I applied for yet).

    Have a great week my friends, will post more on Glacier in the coming weeks!
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