Monday, 24 March 2014

Thank goodness work for this Monday is OVER!

OMG...what a day!  Returning from vacation to my employment is a nightmare.  I couldn't find my desk for paperwork!  Once I threw half the crap on the floor I managed to get to my computer and turn it on!  THEN, the emails started rolling in!  I'll add an image here of what would have made today better!  LOL  Asked for help with something and told point blank NO!  Thanks, greatly appreciated!

Cool bottles!

Lees Liquor Store Las Vegas
I could have used a few of these today to get me thru!

Guess what...another NEWS FLASH!  Supposed to start snowing tonight and snow for the next....are you ready for this...3 days! AND more white crap on the weekend!  I am already in need of warmer climates!
Inside the Bellagio Hotel & Casino
NO Snow here!
Caesars Palace
Heading to Downtown Freemont Street

Better half left this morning for Vancouver so I am all by myself for the week.  I'd like to think I would get some stuff done around the house but that's not going to happen.  Will be up at 4:45 AM and to work by 6:00 AM.....  
I miss you already!

Here are more images of travels to Las Vegas and the hotel is booked again for June (Lightfair 2014) whether the approval comes from work to go is another story.
Can almost smell the the Bellagio 
Road back from Death Valley
Restaurant inside one of the hotels (Aria I think)

Have a great week my friends!

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