Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Now that's Scary!

OMG...there is something in the sky, very bright!  Can't be the SUN!  Yup, certainly is.  First time the sun has been out in almost a week!  So used to seeing white flakes....the sun is a very pleasant change!  AND it's warming up a bit....possibly in the TEENS on the weekend!
Won't be seeing this anytime soon but the weather is changing.  Home in Bowmanville, back yard.

This week so far has been nothing but challenges, I guess for the the both of us.  We had a chat the other night and told each other to remember why we are here and stay focused!  Alan could be heading to Georgia in June for training with Acuity Lighting.  We are trying to figure how we can make this work to our advantage.....hmmmmmmmmmmm.  LOL  Just throwing in some different pics now of places we've been.
Barge on the Frazer River, BC.
White Rock, BC

Tonight I'm making meatloaf, asparagus, carrots and mashed potatoes for dinner.  Always a nice change from chicken, steak or burgers.  Tomorrow will either be left overs or wing night at the Pub next door.  We can walk there and have a couple of beer and don't have to drive, which is something I definitely like.
Calamari in Vegas (The Grind Burger at BlueGreen)
We have a doctor appointment on Thursday night, to get prescriptions filled and then Alan has his heart specialist on Friday. Sure hope things are okay and there is nothing wrong.  He's in the garage at the moment having his scotch and cigar (and beer)....seriously think he needs to quit!  Speaking of quitting, it's been almost 9 months since I had a cigarette....every once in a while I want one but manage to hold back.  I am proud of this accomplishment.
Thumbing a ride!  Part way to Bristol on a mountain back roads.  Isn't he cute! :)

Well that's it for tonight....gotta run and get dinner on.  Be safe all my friends....catch you later!

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