Sunday, 31 May 2015

WOW...Long Time!

I just realized it's been a long time since I posted.  Depending on how I look at things, there's been lots happening or nothing happening.  Hubby has been to BC for a week, a week in New York, short visit to Toronto to see family and then home.  Last week was gone one overnight!  We managed to get a couple of days away for the May 24 but even that seems like "forever ago".

Still snow in the mountains May 2015

Rescue units for the mountains!

My niece is going to be at our house in Bowmanville to pick up some furniture, televisions, etc.. Time to start downsizing and getting "ready".  Have had some issues over the place in B'ville and a very disturbing email from a neighbor.  Don't need the stress as heaven knows I we have enough of it with our employer at the moment.

Still being mandated to take one day a month off without pay....with the two of us working at the same place, this is now hurting the pocket book...and my plan!  I can see this continuing to the end of the year at least!  On Friday, another person was let go...not enough work...guess they need to hire yet another MANAGER!

We did manage to get to one of my favorite locations in Columbia Falls, MT....Angie's Garden are some images!  All pics below are made of metal!

Love these mountain goats!

Notice the back leg!

Trying to figure out vacation...we need to use points but that won't happen at Christmas as everyone is booked and no luck with RCI. We will look for something for October...if that doesn't work then I guess we'll loose 260!

The drive to Kalispell was ok but huge line up at border....they have 3 stations!  Coming back, seems like everyone with a camper or truck was on the road and there was no way to pass in these 
mountains!  Crossing back into Canada took an hour!

Campers, campers and more campers!

The line up was for miles!

An actual road sign just outside Fernie, BC!

We stopped in Nanton on the way back, had to take a break, get a coffee and just get out and stand for couple of minutes.  Across from the "Pit stop" was this and for $8.00 you could have a spin by the driver!
See the seats in the back!

My brother celebrated his 75th birthday on May 21st.  Had a great chat and he told me to point my vehicle towards Ontario and head home!  IF ONLY!

My brother and sister March 2015