Monday, 1 September 2014

Tough Days Ahead!

We were in Ontario for Alan`s nieces wedding on August 29th.  The bride was beautiful and her sister Kate was stunning as well.  There were approximately 200 people in attendance and the bride arrived in an ATV...*(it was an outdoor wedding complete with hay bails and cattle...LOL)  Here are some pics you might enjoy.
At Mum's house getting ready...
Front row:  Me, Mum, Jeanette, Jill
Back row:  Alan, Tom & Pete
Far left is the Maid Of Honor, Emma's Big Sister, Kate
Emma & her father, Gord arrive in style!
Bride and groom along with minister signing the register!
Words of wisdom from Uncle Alan!
The first dance!
Few uninvited guests!
On Saturday, August 30th, we went to the house in Bowmanville...first time I`ve seen it since April 2014!  OMG....I am so upset over the condition of the inside as well as the gardens and exterior of the house.  The entire house needs works, paint, repairs, new carpeting!  The gardens will all have to be redone and started over.  The swing is wrecked and so much more!  In short, not what I was expecting. There is even a broken window in the garage door...WTF!  An email is in order but I`ll let someone else write it because I wouldn't b e so kind!
Glass is broken or missing but it is gone from my stereo set.  What a mess!
How do people live like this!
The TV that was on the wall in the living room 
Hole in wall in master!
Overgrown and not taken care of, this will all have to be removed and redone and why are there beer bottles in my gardens!

Back to work tomorrow and I already have a headache and feel nauseous,...I can`t do this much longer.  I have 60 major projects on the go...another lady in the department has is this right!  I have tried to get another job but every time this company finds out I am blocked from leaving....even within the company.  The ONLY way for me to get out now is to quit.  

Well the weather has turned much colder here...high over the next few days is something like 12 or 14 with the low one night going down to 2!  Winter is coming and this is the last place I want to spend it.

We have 3 weeks vacation to take before the end of December (or loose it) but every time I put in for a week, guess what...denied!  I practically begged for 1 day off and it was three weeks top get the 1 day approved and even with that I got a lecture!

Well I better run and get the normal stuff done before the day is over and the alarm is set for another day in `paradise`...NOT.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. You guys look great. What a shame about the house but that was our experience as landlords hence no desire ever to do it again.