Sunday, 14 September 2014


Well another week about to begin.  The clean up continues here after the snow storm we had last week.  I must say it truly is a shame to see so much damage and loss of beautiful trees.  The condo will have an arborist come out and see what needs to be done.
Looking down the street
Went for a drive yesterday to get out of the house...went to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump!  What a name and a mouthful.  Must say it was quite interesting and simply amazing to hear the history behind this.
Yes, this really is a place!
Bones of the Buffalo
Oldman River in the distance

The weather was finally nice enough to have a BBQ last night but when the sun started going down, it got darned cold!  Once again my winter jacket came in handy.
The flowers are done for the year
The snow melted from the deck and the furniture was saved with our new cover!

We talked to some good friends on Friday evening, they live in Ancaster, ON.  Paul is fighting cancer and we are very concerned...we met Paul & Jeannie on one of our trips to Florida.  Great people and we miss them dearly.  Keep fighting Paul, you can and will beat this!
Paul & Jeannie Fiddament in St. Augustine 2011

Last week was a real struggle for me....I won't post anything on here, never know who might read this.  Things must change.  I am so happy to have the support and love of my significant other, not sure what I would do without him.  I love you sweetie!
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Last Thursday I really needed this.  Love you Alan with all my heart.  Thanks for understanding and supporting me!

We were going to go to Banff today for a drive but it's cloudy at the moment so decided against it.  It's cool here and would be much cooler in the mountains.
Downtown Banff!

Hubby has signed up to take his LC exam, he has study sessions every Wednesday night and the exam is the first of November.  I fully support him in this and hate to see him wasting his talents on this company. 1.75%!
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My Dream is to go HOME!
Have a great week everyone!

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