Sunday, 28 September 2014

Still no news!

I should mention I started this post last weekend!
It's a beautiful sunny day here and I have all the windows open. There are now two condos for sale in the complex.  Both listed at $359,900.00.  Of course I had to have a peek at the images on the Internet and in my opinion ours is much nicer and elegantly decorated compared to the other two.  As I keep saying to hubby, we should be selling this one and going home!  **Fingers are still crossed and prayers are said for miracles**.

We have to start putting the outside furniture away and getting the place ready for winter....OMG, not what I want to do or where I want to be for another winter!  (job completed)....Hubby had to go to Edmonton and Cranbrook and Sparwood this week.  The miles on the car is unreal!
Truck at Sparwood Visitor Centre

A little about the Truck!

BTW, forgot to mention that hubby also got ANOTHER speeding ticket in Medicine Hat...this one by a camera....they are all over the place here.  Because they can't prove who was driving he doesn't loose any points!  SLOW DOWN!
NO, I don't think that's a cop!

Better half has classes on Wednesday from 6-9...this is for his LC exam in November.  Hopefully it will open up more doors for him.

We still have 3 weeks vacation to book but have no idea when I will be allowed to take the time.  If we don`t use it by end of December we loose it and don`t get paid for it either.  Perhaps this will all be cleared up when hubby has his meeting with the NEW guy in charge of sales.

Here are some images that I think are nice:
Fernie, BC

Cranbrook, BC

The Kooteneys

Warning Signs!

Loved the boat!

This thing is falling apart!

Better half!
Rock formations!

 Featured on the TV Show Weird Homes!

5 Degrees Outside!

Heading home!
Wild Rose Something!  LOL

So that's it for another week!  Enjoy and be safe!  

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