Sunday, 7 September 2014

S E R I O U S L Y !!!

Well times are changing....believe it or not, we had snow this week...but next week could be worse!  The forecast for next Tuesday is a whopping 4 C...translated = COLD!  With the possibility of the white stuff = SNOW!

Special weather statement in effect for: 
City of Calgary
First snowfall of the season possible on Monday.  Summer will stick around for one more day in Southern Alberta before an intense cold front moves through on Monday.

This cold front is currently producing rain over Northern Alberta. However, for many areas of Western Alberta an unseasonably cold Arctic airmass will cause rain to change to snow on Monday. Current guidance suggests over 5 centimetres of snow is possible for these regions.  
The public is advised to monitor future forecasts and warnings as warnings may be required or extended.

Tom Graham of the Prairie Storm Chasers tweeted this picture of snow in Highwood Pass in Kananaskis Country today. The high-elevation area is located near Upper Kananaskis Lake.
Snow already

Frost advisory for southern Alberta
Frost advisory

Alberta web cam
The view from the 511 web cam directly west of Claresholm on Highway 22
Snow in Highwood Pass
Highway 40 near the Highwood Pass 09.03.2014. Although forecasters were only calling for roughly 10 centimetres, the Prairie Storm Chasers group says more than 40 centimetres of snow has accumulated in the Kananaskis area. 

Well still no word and once again my patience is wearing thin! LOL.  I really would like to exit Dodge before the winter sets in. My boss was off this week so it was a little better.  One girl starts at 8:00 AM showed up one morning at 8:30 and the next morning at 9:30...reason...traffic! My thoughts...LEAVE EARLIER! Kindergarden was different this week...but that's a whole other story!

Alan's sister leaves for Tuscany this weekend for a 3 week vacation.  We have 3 weeks to take before the end of the year but who knows when I'll be allowed to have the time off!  Request = Denied!  Here are pics you might enjoy!

The condo driveway getting repaved!
What you can do with a BUG!
Montana Fur Trading from a recent trip!
Cowboy Church, Montana
Long Horn Sheep - Kanasksis Drive

Nothing much else new on this end to report.  The house has been cleaned and the laundry is done for another weekend. Should get some groceries but I haven't been eating much lately...too stressesd!

Imagine With An Your Mind. Believe With An Your Heart. Achieve With All Your MightHave a great weekend my friends!


  1. Hey guys, hockey night in Canada is starting early in Calgary...... that sucks. We need to meet and get together. .......Deb I think you should tell them @#$%^&*you are on vacation.. thats it
    John B

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