Saturday, 24 May 2014

Spring! Nice Sunshine!

We've had a few days of nice weather and I managed to put my plants outside for a couple of days.  They sure are thriving in the milder temperatures and sunshine.  Hope they'll be okay while I'm away.
Flowers at the nursery!

Went for a drive today to Kananaskis Country...and YES there is still snow in the mountains.  The water is rising but everyone is hoping there won't be repeat floods like last year.
High Country with the mountains!

Kananaskis Country, AB May 24, 2014

Snow on the peaks! May 24, 2014

The road ahead!

We stopped at Black Diamond Gallery on our drive....

The Black Diamond Gallery hosts a unique collection of teak furniture and art that is imported from Indonesia and art gathered from local artists in southern Alberta. The teak art we sell is carved by hand in Bali and neighbouring countries and ranges from the image of the hand carved last supper shown below to teak bowls. All of the wood is from the roots of the teak trees which allows for unique pieces with every carving made.  Here is the website if you want to check it out.  We met the proprietor, Rusty Davidson.

Here are some cool pics....the one of the last supper, the owner told us it took a year to carve.  I didn't ask the price but it was beautiful. Everything in the store was beautiful so thought I'd share some of the pics here.
The Last Supper...stunning detail!

Motorcycle that doesn't need gas!

So many horses!

Off to Las Vegas on Friday afternoon....attending LightFair (largest lighting trade show in North America).  Philips Lighting is paying for us to nice of them.  Guess they see the value in this where our company doesn't.  Alan & I are both thinking of taking our LC this year....could open a lot of doors!
Paris!  Had a birthday drink here with Jackie, John and Alan!  December 2013

Was concerned about our friends Bill & Carol as she hadn't blogged since Tuesday....went on her website today and there she is! Glad things are ok.  

Finally, have a kitchen table...still short a chair but we have a table! Looks nice in our dining area, we got so used to a little two seater that I had brought with us and have on our deck.  Alan said if we get another defect and have to have it replaced, we are experts at putting together so the next one would only take us 5 minutes.  NO, I don't want to do this again...just hope this is the end of this story.

Alan has all the flights booked for the "Lighting Champions" to go to Atlanta, GA in June.  I wanted to go and then fly on to Florida but there is no way I could get the time off.  Funny thing is I STILL have 18 days vacation to book that I have to use by the end of the year.  Getting approval is a different story!
December 2013 with Jackie
Freemont Street Las Vegas
Murial on Building on our drive today!
Other side of the building!
Water and the spring melt in the mountains.
Standing where the road was!
The damages of water!
Showing the devastation of last years flood!

Everyone have a great week....catch you later!

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