Sunday, 11 May 2014

We had spring & summer on Friday! It was a 1 day event!

First would like to wish all the Mothers out there a very Happy Mothers Day.  Sent a beautiful bouquet to Mum in Fenelon Falls, miss her and the family terribly.
Mum at CN Tower

Another cold, dreary day...feels more like snow than anything but it is raining.  WAIT...just checked outside, it is SNOWING!  We were at  Home Depot today getting some trem clad paint and I checked out the flowers...they looked terrible.  Too darn cold here for flowers!  Came back home and turned the fireplace on and watched NASCAR, Sprint series.  Way to go!  My guy won!  24 Jeff Gordon!
Win at Kansas 2014 Jeff Gordon 24

Have to work at income tax this week and try and get it filed.  With the weeks that we`ve been having at work, just too darned tired and worn out when I get home to even look at a computer.
My task today!  YUK!

Flights are books for Las Vegas.....we are attending the LightFair Trade show.  At least it will be warm there!  I am still wearing my winter coat and probably will be for a while yet! June 1-6, 2014
LightFair 2014 Las Vegas
Oh YES!  Love this place!

We bought a table and charis from Leons....well first the screws wouldn`t stay in the chairs and they kept falling apart.  Service man had to come and put longer screws in them.  Next I was cleaning one day and noticed one of the chairs had a crack up one of the legs.  I continued on my √¨nvestigation`and found that one of the actual table legs had a crack as well up the entire leg.  A call to Leons and 4 weeks later a new table and chair was delivered.  We opened the box and this table is broke and the chair has dents and scratches in it. We have called Leons, service tech came and took pics and we are waiting to hear back.  To make a long story short....we have NO table.  We are using the little two piece that we had on our balcony, not very convenience but it`s a temporary fix.  We`ll probably we without a table for another month or so!  Note to self...don`t buy from Leons again. :)
The table!
At the moment the sun is shining but I believe it will be short lived. The temp may get to 8 C today...and there is wind...(windhcill is who knows what).  Off to specialist tomorrow so hope all goes well there.  Appointment is at 9:10 so will go to work after that.  Or NOT!  lol
Lake Louise


  1. hey deb, keep your chin up girl. Sorry about the table again, shit happens. Miss you guys. Hope it warms up soon.