Sunday, 18 May 2014

Quite the week indeed!

Well, it has been quite the week at work.  The door on the facility has been swinging wide this week.  The Projects Group that I work in has lost two people (they quit) and the warehouse lost people as well.  One has to wonder what's going on with this company...the smart ones are leaving...and rumour has it the company is in BIG Trouble!  No raises, bonus or cost of living and there won't be anything next year either...we've been told!  Now that's good for motivation and employee retention!

We were hoping to do something "fun" this weekend but it is going to rain all weekend...just hope it doesn't snow.  Temperatures are in the single digits...AGAIN!

Sunset City of Calgary

Was thinking about getting flowers and planting some baskets but think it will be too cold!  I bought some last year and it snowed and I lost those ones....and that was end of May!

Thinking about updating the ensuite off the paint and trim, lighting and accents...(one never knows when we can sell and get out of here)!  I am the type of person that wants to be ready...given the chance, I would have this place on the market tomorrow and we'd be out of here.  Housing prices here continue to rise since the floods last year...the availability of homes is almost NIL!  We ran into the real estate agent Derrick yeterday, he said that homes under 420K is almost unheard of here now which puts us in a great opportunity.

The move here! 2013
The move 2013
Where do I start?
The kitchen!
YES...I still have all the boxes, paper, bubble wrap...I am ready to go on a moments notice!
Broke down and got some plants on Friday night and they are all in their new pots, hopefully they will grow nicely.  We managed to get out water fountains up and running as well.  The back deck (off the kitchen) now has all the furniture back and things are sort of looking ready for a "short" summer.  It can snow every month here so you just never know!

Jackie & John visit July 2013 (51 Millrose)

The Mountains
Lake Louise, AB July 2013 Jackie & John
At a store in Banff, AB...two jokers!  I think I know them!

Supposed to rain and thunder storms today and tomorrow but Tuesday through Friday is to be beautiful sunshine in the mid to high 20's.....(and why wouldn't it be...we are back to work)!  As a matter of fact, we just finished some wicked thunder, hail, wind and heavy rain!
Flowers at  Banff Springs Hotel

I started this post on Friday evening and just getting around to finishing it now....Hope everyone has a great long weekend....I have 9 working days then off to Las Vegas for Lightfair.  We get back from LV and my better half is off to Georgia for a few days...Acuity Lighting Training!

High Roller

Have a great week everyone.....Summer (or spring) might have finally arrived!

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