Sunday, 15 June 2014

Cold, Wet, Dreary

We arrived back from Las Vegas last Saturday around 4:30 PM. LightFair 2014 was a fantastic trade show, lots of new products and technologies coming our way!
I'll post of couple of pictures here of the sight of Vegas!

The Casinos of Vegas!

The Candela Group took us to the Trade Show and they were amazing hosts.  To our surprise, we were given tickets to attend the Shania Twain concert on Sunday. On Saturday, they had arranged a party bus to take us shopping.  Monday they rented a cabana by the pool for the day for the group.  There was a private dinner for the engineering firms at a expensive restaurant and we were included in that as well.  When we left Las Vegas last Saturday, they had arranged a private limo to take us to the airport.  BTW, we stayed at the MGM Grand!  What a trip, lots of wonderful people and great times was enjoyed by all!

Concepts in lighting change with the times. Candela Group recognizes the need to orchestrate the initiation of those changes, by making the lighting designer aware of new technologies and styles, so that they may offer the best visual presentation for their client, while maintaining a budget that fits their needs.
Candela Group is "right at home" in the design stages of any given project, and offers years of experience and expertise in managing your clients needs through to completion. We also continue to service the client after the project is final, as we have adopted the philosophy "your customer is our customer". Candela group is a leader in Southern Alberta, and the East Kootenays of British Columbia , for lighting concepts and service. We are proud to help you to find the information that you need in order to choose the right products for your project. The team we have has earned a collective 60 years of “experience” in the lighting and electrical industry.

From Timmins, ONT  An amazing Concert
MGM Stay June 2014

Leaving Vegas at the airport on the runway!

Over Vegas from the air!
From the airplane shortly after leaving Las Vegas...
Lake Mead???

I managed to get to the Bellagio, had to visit the conservatory to see the "summer" display...beautiful as always.  Here are some images. I took some pretty neat pictures of the "dancing waters" as well outside the Bellagio.  Have a peek!
Dancing waters (to music) beautiful

Dancing waters
At the main desk Bellagio
Conservatory June 2014 Bellagio
Bellagio Conservatory June 2014
My new friend "Froggie"
At Christmas, the glass house was a snow storm, in March it was full of butterflies, June had all different types of birds

We went to, are you ready for this, Margaritaville on Saturday, two ladies walked in and sat down at the end of the bar.  I heard them say they were from Ontario....well that peaked my interest....I got up and went to chat, apparently they live right around the corner from our home in Bowmanville....(and they thought, I would have no idea where B'ville was)...LOL  Their names are Diane & Karen and I have since had emails from Diane...wonderful ladies!  Couldn't resist telling them both how much I miss HOME!  (Who knew!)

Back to work tomorrow...oh joy!  I thought I would post a pic of my work station....way too many projects for one person to handle (and this is only part of the projects).
Some of my work!  Don't say anything about the "Merry Christmas & Santa" I don't have any place to put them!

Alberta Flood 2013

Here are a few images from the Flood of 2013 in Canmore! Happened almost one year ago to date!
The grey used to be grass and trees!  Back yards of homes

Still working on the damages

Rocky Mountain Sheep
Cochrane, AB
Saw thig guy at a local nursery!

Have a great week everyone!  Catch you later!

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  1. Great pics of vegas, specially the Bellagio. Missed being there with you guys.