Sunday, 6 April 2014

A bit of sunshine and Warm Temps!

Well it's Sunday and coming to the close of another weekend.  I can't believe how fast they go by!  Seems like I just left work and have to get ready to go back....
So to recap the last week, Alan had his doctor appointment with the heart specialist on Friday, everything is good.  Whatever the issue was, apparently they believe he has had it all his life.  In other words, he is as healthy as anyone could be and his blood pressue is fantastic!  So we can now lay this to rest....  I was really worried but all is good.  He went this morning for blood tests and we go to our family doctor on Thursday....they may change his cholesteral meds.  I on the other hand have an infection on my shin and been on antiobotics and it just won't clear up.  What a mess and sooooooooooo itchy!  Guess I will get something new on Thursday to try to clear it up.
On the road to Banff, AB
The sun is out today....pleasant change.  The snow is almost gone but then it is Calgary so that really doesn't mean anything.  Supposed (so the weather man is saying) to go to 18 degrees on Tuesday!  YUP, I'm feeling sick already!  LOL
At the Bellagio, Las Vegas
Bellagio, Las Vegas

We went for a drive yesterday to get away from the city.  It is beautiful to see the mountains but as I said to Alan that they would be so much prettier in North Carolina or West Virginia.  Too bad we have to see them here.  We went to Turner Valley and Black Diamond and another place called Longview.  Interesting names of places.  (ONLY in Calgary, LOL)  We started up a road and we saw a large herd of cattle being walked up the road by horses!  Some of the kids on the horses were very young and waived at us as we passed.  Starting them young I guess!
Our drive in the country, April 2014,  Road to Kanaskasis

Herding the cattle!

Family outing, herding the cattle

New chairs in Black Diamond, AB

Another mountain view

Our friends from Indiana who are currently in Mazatlan are looking at heading back to the US on Wednesday or Thursday.  Good to hear that our friend Bill is feeling much better and hopefully good to drive the motorhome back.  Carol will make sure he takes his meds and doesn't get over tired.  Be safe my friends in your travels.
Bill & Carol

Our other friends Jackie and John are heading back to Ontario...they have been gone since late November I believe.  Last we heard, they were headed to North Carolina, and I imagine a stop at J R's in Statesville (for cigars).
J & J Mazatlan, Mexico 
Have a safe week my friends...if you are travelling, drive carefully.  Talk soon!


  1. Safe and sound in Grove City PA but lots of storms behind us.

  2. You guys must have been relieved when you got the news. A little adjustment on the meds should probably take care of it. But getting confirmation from a doctor put your minds at ease. If you did not have yourself checked, it could have still been bothering you. At least after the doctor's tests, you're sure that everything is okay.

    Aubrey Holloway @ Primary Care Associates