Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Weekend!

Finally made it through another rough week.  There are a lot of things happening at work and at the moment really have to focus why we are here.  I put in my request for vaction for Christmas and guess was turned down!  After my boss told me this, she then proceeded to call everyone in the office one by one, to discuss something. Later that day, others submitted requests for the same time off and got approved!  Sooooooooooo, to make a long story short, unless a miracle happens and I find something else, we are here for Christmas and my birthday!  Am I happy, NO!  Dreaming of better days ahead! Oh to win the lottery!
Happier Days!

I applied for another position within Westburne, it is for National Accounts Coordinator, located in either Winnipeg, Burnaby or Mississauga.  My boss asked me about a position that she is eventually going to post, was I not interested?  I said would depend on compensation and conditions, I was then informed there was NO additional I guessed it...absolutely NOT!  
Alan's home office in Bowmanville, Ontario
He did over 3 million dollars sales from this desk!

We are going to go to a "Celebration of Life" for a friend that passed away about a month ago.  We knew this gentleman from our Hubbell days and feel sorry for the loss to his family.  Keith and Sue were the one reason we thought we would enjoy it least we knew someone.  We stick close to home here and are each other's best friend since all our real friends are in other parts of Canada.

As I keep saying to Alan, on a daily basis, I want to go home!  It's kind of a joke now but he knows I'm serious.  I don't like it here at all!  Something has to change before long!

My kitchen in Bowmanville, Ontario (HOME)
Side yard at Bowmanville, Ontario
Miss my gardening!
Back yard, prior to fence and new permanent gazebo

It was beautiful yesterday, (as beautiful as it can be here), and we woke up this morning to COLD and more snow!  Temps are to go back up tomorrow for a couple of days, then by Wednesday, you guessed it, more snow!  I've been told it can snow every month here....NOT my kind of place!
Not quite time for a picnic yet!

Our friends Bill & Carol, left Mazatlan, Mexico and are heading back to Indiana.  Yesterday, they crossed into the USA and I believe they are spending a few days at a campground in Arizona.  We wish them safe travels and after reading Carol's blog yesterday, interesting she is not held at the border...LOL  Be safe friends.

Going to post a few random pics again of some of the places we've been.  Hope you like them!
Horsing around in PEI.  Pretty Heavy rock!
Heading South or was it North...LOL 
White Rock, BC

From the top of CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario

New Trade Center in New York

Have a great week my friend...Now I will check my lottery tickets!


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