Saturday, 22 February 2014

Winter is BACK!

OK, now this has to be some kind of joke....woke up this morning at 5:00 AM to a temperature of -16 C and hasn`t warmed up all day.  The high tomorrow is expected to be -21C, low tonight -29C....that is COLD!  Might I say DAM COLD!
City is there trust me!

Had to work today, we are doing inventory and we had to be there today to do the prep took two hours but we had to be there at the crack of dawn....actually dawn wasn`t even thinking of cracking!  DAH! Hoping they HAVE to owe us 4 hours minimum for today!  Here`s an update...I found a new BF!

New Boyfriend!  Picked him up in Vulcan!
Ater work we went to Farmers Market (nothing like Mazatlan) and looked around...lots of veggies but I think they are expensive!  Mum will remember this, they bought soup there....

After that, went to Leon`s to discuss the issues with their service department....our dining room set we bought last year....they are sending out a ``technician`` to look at it.  Color me stupid but IF the legs are cracking on the chairs and one of the main supports, what is a `technician`going to do I ask...

Going to throw some pictures in here....some of the places I`ve been!

Above two pictures are from Philadelphia (Lightfair 2011)

Next stop on the way home was to Canadian Tire...I saw a light there last year for the dining room, I liked it but to me it wasn`t worth no $230.00....(my opinion of course).  Well today it was on clearance and purchased it for ......wait for it.......are you it for $32.00!  It`s up and hanging nicely over the dining room table!  I LOVE bargains!  The more I save the faster I go home!  LOL

Dreaming of warmer days, HOME at Daytona Beach!

Tomorrow is the Sprint Series race at Daytona Speedway....been there so many times, took a tour of the track, had my pic taken at Victory Lane but NEVER been to the race!  Just another thing on my bucket list!
At the Jack Daniel`s Tent...

Go Gordon Go!  My favourite driver...has been doing terrible the last few years but this is going to be his year!  Fingers crossed and lots of faith! :)
Pic taken at Bristol TN...Thunder in the Valley!
At the old speedway in North Wilksboro....actually did laps around the track in company vehicle and YES, have the certifications to prove it!
Bristol, TN Speedway
Ok so enuff already of the Nascar pics......can you tell I am a bit of a Nascar FAN!
Kennedy Space Center from a distance
At the museum
Outside the entrance to the Daytona Speedway...GREATEST driver of all time! (Had to throw this one in)!
I`m hiding!  Taken on the way to St. Augustine with friends Paul & Jeannie.

Well that`s about it for another day.  Tomorrow will be the regular stuff.....laundry and getting the stuff done to go back to work next week!  Watching the Nascar race and the hockey of excitement and trying to stay warm!  Be safe everyone.  Back at you soon!
Miss you Mum....Hope all is well in Fenelon!

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