Monday, 17 February 2014

Monday, Family Day....Day OFF!

My system is "wonky" on me....I worked on a post last night and for some reason it's gone...disappeared....time to start again.

I roasted a turkey yesterday, it was delicious.  Left overs all week but I don't mind, I love turkey.  Have to work for the next two weekends....the company is doing inventory and it is "Mandatory" that everyone be present.  If you're not present, you better be dead!  Can either take it in time off (hour for hour) or $$$ at time and half!  I will opt for the time off at a later date.

The sun is shining today and it's going to be on the + side of zero again....some more white stuff later in the week, you loose some and get some!  I am so sick of winter!  NO I didn't win the lottery so have to stick it out until the funds are there to retire....

Yesterday was the beginning of the "Nascar Series".....go Gordon Go! I have been fortunate to go to the Bristol Race a number of times....(Thunder in the Valley)...met amazing friends (Eddie & Dorris Roberts). Their home is just around the corner from the speedway, wonderful couple and miss them dearly.
Eddie & Doris Roberts

Also met some wonderful people in Daytona Beach who are heavily into Nascar...ok well Jeannie is!  She loves Gordon (NOT)  Jeannie & Paul are from Ontario and we met them at Atlantic Ocean Palm, my favourite place to stay in Daytona Beach!
Jeannie & Paul

Also met a fantastic lady and her son while we were staying at Atlantic Ocean Palm....I call her my American Sister (Kathy).  She has an amazing son (Joshua) and to this day I am still in contact with them.  Hang in there sister, I will see you this the Alberta Floods of 2013 logo was, "Come Hell or High Water". Already started saving my pennies!  I am coming home!
My American Sister Kathy
Kathy & Joshua
Friends Jackie & John are still in Mazatlan and are enjoying the fact that they are not at home in Toronto this winter with all the snow and nasty weather they've been having lately.  Here's a pic of the gang arriving at Torres Mazatlan, a time share property a short distance from the city. is Jackie's blog.  She got me interested in doing this.
Arrival at Torres Mazatlan December 2013

Jackie & John at the ranch!

Also met friends from Indiana that drove to Mazatlan (Bill & Carol).  Carol has a blog as well, The Golden Years  Carol was sick for a few days but feeling much better now.  It's always so nice to meet people and have a warm comfy feeling with them from the very beginning.
Bill & Carol

That's it for another day my friends.  Having a BBQ for supper and then will relax for a bit before bedtime.  5:00 AM comes pretty darn early!  Be safe!

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