Sunday, 9 February 2014

February 9, 2014 BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Right now -31 with Windchill!

Haven't been able to post lately...issues with the laptop.  Will have to take it someplace for repairs.  Every site I go onto says ``Errors`` and that doesn`t make me a happy camper.  

Woke up again this morning to `bone chilling temperatures` ...sure do miss the warm sunshine and much milder temperatures that were experienced in Mazatlan.  The good news is that by Thursday, supposed to be on the + side again....those dam weatherpeople, teasing me again.  I had to go out today to get the necessities of life...milk and cookies...LOL.  Seriously went and got some fresh veggies to make a stew for tomorrow nights dinner.  This is my month to work 8:00 - 4:30 then I go back to my regular time.  

Mazatlan January 2014 and warmer climates!

I was fortunate to find a `great hair stylist`to work on the Lawrence Coiffure....Allana did an amazing job.  I love my new color and she gave me a fantastic cut.  New picture and color to follow!  You gotta love Jackie and I on New Years Eve in Mazatlan.  We gave our headgear and glasses to the little girls that were in attendance, they were thrilled. 

Girls just wanna have fun!  (AND FUNDS)

Jackie and Debbie ...quite cute don`t you think!

I have six days vacation left to take before March 31.  Looked into going bak to Mazatlan, home to Daytona Beach, another part of Mexico, San Diego but decided to go back to Las Vegas.  Flight is booked and staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  Jackie and John will be there as well for a few days, they will be staying at the Wynn.  So looking forward to seeing friendly faces again!
The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was built in 1995 by Peter Morton, co-founder of the Hard Rock Cafe. It was expanded in 1999, and began another expansion in 2007. In June 2002 influential rock bassist John Entwistle of The Who died in one of the hotel's rooms. The hotel management originally refused to release the room number out of respect, but later reports indicate that Entwistle died in Room 658 (considered a "deluxe suite"). Many fans still pay tribute to Entwistle, by visiting the hotel.
Margaritaville Las VegasJimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville is a mecca for Parrot Heads or anyone else who wants to have a good time and a great meal in the ultimate tropical setting.
Oh YES....I will be wastin`away again...Love this place!
People watching Dec 24, 2013 in Las Vegas

My birthday celebrations Dec 24, 2013 Las Vegas....At Hell`s Kitchen (Gordon Ramsey`s Steak House)  Amazing food and great friends!

Inside the Hard Rock Hotel

Christmas Decorations at the one if the casinos on the strip.

The strip early evening


  1. Great post!! Looking forward to seeing new hair do!!
    And to Vegas!
    I added you to my Bloglovin" and also to my Ports of CAll on my blog on right side.
    So won't miss any updates!!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Jackie...being new to this I will get you to show me a few things when we meet up in LV! Have a wonderful time. Miss you safe! Hugs