Sunday, 2 November 2014

Are they SERIOUS?????

Snowfall warnings issued across southwestern Alberta

It's beginning to look a lot like ... winter?
Much of southwestern Alberta is getting reacquainted with Old Man Winter as a storm system from Montana brings snow to much of the region Saturday afternoon.
Environment Canada has issued multiple weather warnings across the southwestern part of the province, warning the storm will bring 10 to 25 centimetres before tapering off on Sunday.
The system started off as cloud and rain in many areas before changing to snow as cooler air moved in from the north.
More western areas at a higher elevation should expect to see more snow.  Drivers are warned to adjust their driving for the conditions. The weather agency says visibility may be suddenly reduced in heavy snow.
OMG....don't like white!

Not a pretty color!

The stress if finally OVER!  Hubby had his LC exam yesterday....both hoping he passed!  It's been a lot of studying and stress lately on both of us but hopefully was all worth it.  We are (OK maybe just me) hoping this opens new doors for him in regards to employment.

The coming week will be busy....I have 2 days training out of the office, back to work on Friday and then off on vacation....YES it was approved by my new supervisor.  We are thinking of heading West to Vancouver (weather permitting) and meeting up with some dear friends.

We have a lot of vacation to take in the next month or so....but it is so expensive now to book anything because it has been so late in getting the approvals on vacation.  We may just start driving at Christmas and see where we end up!  Or NOT!  LOL

I can't believe we have been here almost 2 years!  Feels like an eternity to me.  LOL.   Still looking to be "B'ville Bound"!  Home is where the heart is and that's where mine has special meaning to me in regards to my relationship, my family and my friends.

Have a great week everyone!  Be safe!

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