Saturday, 15 November 2014

One Week Done! Back to work for 6 days, then off again!

Beautiful 5 days travelling to British Columbia, visiting friends and enjoying the sights.  We got back on Friday, Nov 14th.  Didn't want to push our luck with the roads going through the mountains.
It's beginning to look a LOT like winter!

Solid ice on the side of the mountain.

Heavy equipment called in!

There is a show on TV called the Highway Thru Hell, and it is actually the #5 Highway Coquihalla.  I can only imagine this road in a storm!
WOW...120 KMH...Hubby shouldn't get a ticket now!
Notice the bears on the entrance!

It was a very picturesque drive with lots of scenery.  Some of the towns didn't have much but we stopped and investigated what was there and took some interesting pictures.
Carving at a Shell Station in BC.

Across from the hotel *Sandman* in Revelstoke, BC.

I couldn't believe it but in New Westminster at the Inn at the Quay they have there Christmas decorations up inside and outside the gardeners were working on planting....I know that some were bulbs and some were pansies!~  Try that -21 C they sure wouldn't last.
Inn at The Quay Lobby, November 2014 
Some places still had leave on the trees!
Spring, summer, fall & winter all in one day!

We came home to SNOW and bitterly cold temperatures.  This is going to make for a very long winter! 

Before we left, there was a "Scotch Tasting" that we attended at Willow Park.  Seriously tried to get Frank to provide a beer for me, anything but scotch but as you can see from my setting, that didn't work out as planned.
Seriously, I'm supposed to drink this????  Can't see that happening!

Had good news from Paul & Jeannie....the doctor has to run more tests but they believe they have got all the cancer and Paul (as we all are) is thrilled with this news.

I lost the diamond out of a ring in BC so will have to take it in for repairs and replacement.  Will call the insurance company first to see if they will cover it through my house insurance.  I'm guessing not but worth a try.

Once again health issues are concerning me in regards to hubby.  He is waiting on a call from a specialist and hopefully we'll have some sort of diagnosis soon!

Will post pics now of the trip.  Have a great week everyone!

Found this at a Product Stand!

Rogers Pass November 2014

Yep...that's a case of beer at the feet!
White Rock, BC

Sunset on the Fraser River, BC

Remembrance Day Nov 2014, Whistler, BC

The rings!  Vancouver Olympics

Glad I had my mittens!  Whistler

Whistler, BC

Downtown Vancouver
At Canada Place, Downtown Vancouver, Nov 2014

The Olympic Flame for Vancouver Olympics

The designer!

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  1. Hi Deb gest pics. Glad you guys are back safely. Hope evrything works out for bro. Hope to see you guys soon. Love to you both..