Saturday, 25 October 2014

BRRRRRRRRRR...1 Degree C! Calling for snow Sunday & Monday

Very dull gloomy Saturday, woke up around 8:00 AM (still dark outside) to a temperature of 1 degree C.  Have a hair appointment this afternoon for the locks!  With my new stylist I don't have to get it done as often and my hair is in great shape.
August 29, 2014 ready for Emma's wedding!

Hubby has his big test coming up soon!  Last minute studying this weekend and Monday & Wednesday nights.  He's nervous but I have great faith in him, I know it will be a PASS!

This book is 4 " thick!

I have a new supervisor at amazing Lady...very supportive and helpful and is constantly having meetings with me to get my thoughts on things.  Yesterday, before I left work, she sent a response to me on an email I copied her on and said, Debi, "Good Job!"....never got that from my old supervisor.  She knows there are issues in the department and she is working on fixing things.  In other words as she told me, they can either do their jobs or find another place to work!

Thought I would throw in a few pics on a recent trip through the mountains to Kalispell, MT.
It's the law!


Hand carved!

All along the drive you see these signs!

Guess what....finally got vacation approved as well.  She gave me Christmas off so I will not have to spend the BIG BDAY here in Calgary.  We have Nov 10-15, Nov 26-Dec 3 and Dec 20-Jan 4 off!  We have never been to Black Friday so perhaps that is in the cards end of November....Not sure what we'll do first part of to Vancouver?????  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

More images from a recent drive!
Across the street from the hotel in Kalispell!
Pretty with the mountains in the background!

Our friends (Bill & Carol) made it to Las Vegas from Indiana in their motor home.  Trusting the weather helps Bill's allergies and he starts feeling better.  

Sad days in Canada this week with the killings of two of Canada's soldiers. The attacks on Wednesday and Monday were the work of Canadian citizens reported to be recent converts to Islam who appear to have operated independently police said.  The first victim, 53-year-old Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent died when a man ran over him with a car in Quebec while the second 24-year -old Corporal Nathan Cirillo was gunned down while standing at a ceremonial watch at a monument to Canada's war dead near Parliament Hill.
53-year-old Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent
24-year -old Corporal Nathan Cirillo
His dogs waiting for 24-year -old Corporal Nathan Cirillo to come home!

The Highway of Heroes this week!

Canada will always Remember Our Fallen Heroes!

My favourite one of all

Have a great week everyone, pray for our fallen and their families.  May God Bless us all!

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