Saturday, 13 June 2015

Disappointed to say the least!

Today has been upsetting....sitting here asking myself why the hell did I rent!  Family was at the house in B'ville today to get is dirty and not taken care of all all by renters. Very upsetting knowing how long and hard I worked for my home. And the renters cracked the screen on the 65" TV!  Will call sister in law later to get the "full details" on the place.  

Flights are booked, condo booked through points for a much needed vacation in October!  My boss said I wasn't entitled to extra days...but thank goodness I had an email from the company to show the terms of the job acceptance.  So I am entitled to 15 days paid and 1 week leave without pay.  She had no choice but to agree and sign the request.  Off to Palm Springs with my best ever partner!

We've had nasty weather over the last couple of days...hubby drove back from Medicine Hat & Lethbridge yesterday and from what he's describing sounds like he went through a mini tornado...lots of hail and heavy rain!

A storm front rolls into Medicine Hat earlier on Friday.

Meeting with a new financial advisor on Tuesday...have to move our investments out of Ontario as we are not living there.  This disappoints me as well, Shawn (my current advisor) did so much for me and guided me in the right direction.  Will move everything back to him upon our return.....which BTW can't come soon enough for me!

That's about it for now....will keep updating as new information arrives!  Be safe and God Bless.