Sunday, 12 April 2015

What will this week hold???????????

Another new week coming, what's going to happen this week I wonder?  Seems our lives are in 24 hour cycles at the moment...give us 24 hours and things seem to change dramatically!  

Hubby is off to BC for the Lighting Sales conference on Monday and will be back home Friday night!  Going to be a looooooooooooong week!  Miss him terribly when he's gone.  He's my best friend and the only person I know here (other than people at work who we don't hang out with).

    • And we are told to cut expenses and take a day off without pay!

      The first week of May he's off to New York for LightFair 2015!  A quick stop in Toronto to see Mum and family on the way back and check out the house in B'ville!  I told him to take pics of the place.  Good news, I read that the housing prices in Durham are steadily this because of the 407???  Gotta wonder!  Forgot to mention that Philips Lighting is taking people to the top of the building where they drop the ball for New Years Eve!  Think he's excited to see this!

      LightFair 2014 Las Vegas Convention Centre...we were there!

      The condo had it's yearly spring clean up this week and the first trim of the grass yesterday.  Sure is nice to have the "rocks" gone...they use rocks rather than salt on the roads out here...= lots of broken windshields!  Hubby has already has his replaced and is about ready for another one!

      Work is same old same old...3 of us almost walked out on Friday, we are all so overworked.  We have to take one day a month off without pay but the 3 of us may be asked to work overtime to get ahead of the game or at least try!  Does this make sense????  There are 2 women in the department that talk "baby talk" during the day and it drives me crazy!  You would think they would grow up since they are in late 20's & early 30's!

      A few random images that I've taken lately in our travels:
      Snow in the Rocky Mountains

      Driving to BC

      Friendly species!
      Fernie BC welcomes us!

      Ranch resort BC
      Beautiful scenery and WATER!

      Have a great week everyone!

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