Saturday, 25 April 2015

Colder but no snow...YET

How does this work...+20 C yesterday....colder today +7 cloudy and heading higher next week. Weather person calling for +25 C by Wednesday! can get 4 seasons in one day here!

Tue Apr 28


Monday is our DEMAND day as hubby calls it!  NO PAY Day. We are forced to take one day a month off with no pay now because the oil & gas industry here is bad!  I talked to a guy from Shell Jacobs yesterday...lots of cut back and people being let go.  A number of projects they had on the go have now been cancelled.  He said he didn't know what, if anything, he was coming back to after his vacation next week.

We are off to the Travis Tritt concert tonight...hubby got us tickets for Valentines Day and the concert is tonight.  We have floor seats so I am real excited.  He has always been one of my favorite country stars, someone I could always relate my life to!  Corny but true.

Next Sunday hubby is off to New York...LightFair 2015.  I hate to miss it but need to save my vacation for our VI.  We need to get hooked up with RCI and start planning 4 weeks vacation....before we loose points.  I have Christmas off so will plan something for then and probably another 2 weeks sometime in October.

Over 26,000 attendees registered already!

Work, hectic as usual...another person quit so a few of us are over worked and swamped.  Some days I can't even get lunch.  This week we were real short staffed, only 4 of us there instead of 9! The others didn't even call in...just did a no show!  I think they got written up but not positive.

I see our friends are leaving Las Vegas tomorrow to head back to Indiana.  Check out their blog and the J's just got back from an Australian adventure.  J's blog can be found at

I haven't been far to take any new pics so will add in some older ones.  Have a great week everyone.  Be safe, God Bless and talk soon!
Road to the Sun

Sculptures in Whitefish, MT

Iron Indian Sculptures just before US/Canada Border, MT

Road to the Sun

Test Drive, Whitefish, MT

Beautiful Flowers in MT

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