Sunday, 15 March 2015

Cooler Today but NO SNOW!

Sunday, the weather is not as nice as yesterday, +17 but much better than what the Maritimes is getting!  We've had temperatures well above normal now for over 2 weeks....a couple of days of cool then back to the double digits!  The east coast is getting hammered with a blizzard, up to 45cm of snow!

Sunday's storm will make driving treacherous in much of the Maritimes.
Maritimes March 15, 2015...people are being asked to stay off the roads!

My sister got back last Friday from visiting brother in Sault Ste. Marie.  Guess she had a fantastic time and looking forward to doing it again.

Jerry Collings & Gayle Ackerson (my brother and sister) March 2015!

I am cooking a turkey today since it is a bit cooler.  This will give us our lunches for the week as well.  Hubby is off to Medicine Hat on Tuesday for the day.  Him and his boss are NOT seeing eye to eye at the moment and he tells me he's walking a pretty tight line....he could be walked any day!

We are going to Montana for Easter weekend...arrive Thursday and back home on Saturday...that gives me Sunday to clean the house and do laundry before going back to work on Monday.

Crestwood Resort

Hubby got us tickets for Travis Tritt....guess he actually knows where Calgary is...he is playing at Grey Eagle Casino April 25....looking forward to this!

Travis Tritt at Grey Eagle Event Centre

Have to start working on our taxes, hopefully we'll get a decent refund this year.  Don't you just hate tax time!  Getting all those receipts, etc. together....and the government seems to have no forgiveness if you make a mistake.

Hubby got new glasses and contacts....his "Magoo" glasses will stay behind closed doors...LOL.  I need to get my pic done for my passport, it runs out in May.  Might be something to run to Wal Mart for today!  

That's about it for today...have a fantastic week safe and God Bless.  Until next time!

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