Sunday, 8 March 2015

Beautiful Week Coming Up!

Sunday morning, time change, lost an hour sleep but the sun is shining and going all the way to + 15 today!  Actually supposed to be +14 or +15 all week and the rest of the month for the most part is in the double digits!  We have NO snow...yes you heard me right, we have NO snow...haven't for a long time now.

 Mon +15     Tues +14     Wed +14     Thurs +14     Fri +15     Sat +16     Sun +16

Back to work tomorrow...let the kindergarden fun begin!  I say this because I have "grown" women in my department that talk baby talk....and do as little as they can on a daily basis.  Nothing much has changed in my department....same old crap.  IF anything, things are getting worse!  I even made that statement to my boss!

I picked up my new car last was very hard to let the old one go but I did.  The sales rep was wonderful even surprised me with a Calgary Honda Stuffed Animal for my car.  This was by far the best experience I have ever had with leasing a vehicle. Jason was a sweetheart.  My old car is on the lot for $15000.00!  The new car has fog lights, heated seats, back up cameras, side mirror camera, bluetooth, OMG...the features are fantastic.

2011 Honda Civic came to Calgary from Ontario on a hauler!

A trip to BC in in passenger seat
2015 Honda Civic Base model will post pics of mine soon!
Still trying to find something back home...things are changing big time here...housing prices are falling and the jobs are less and less.  This province depends so much on Oil & Gas...and when the prices dropped...guess what happens...projects get cancelled or go on Hold!  I can see lay offs coming soon!  A phone interview tomorrow may change things for us...fingers crossed and tons of prayers!

Nothing much else least not worth posting or talking about at the moment.  Be safe my friends, God bless and see you all soon!

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