Saturday, 10 January 2015

Cold & Nasty!

Well we've been home one week now and we are still dealing with the cold and flu we picked up on holidays.  We did each manage to have one drink tonight and a bit of dinner!

Our friends Jackie & John or as I like to call them the "Double J's"

It's been a sad and difficult week.  I went to work on Wednesday, was copied on an email one of my sales reps sent to Enbridge....apparently one of the ladies that was murdered in the mass shooting in Edmonton was a lady that I worked with and talked to constantly.  Such a wonderful person, young and beautiful with three small children.  This morning I received word that another lady we both worked with at Hubbell Canada passed away last night from bladder cancer.  She was only 41 with small children.

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The weather is still bitterly cold and guess what....still snowing! Good news is that is only about 71 days to spring!

Had to get groceries today and that seemed to be a big chore to both of us.  I was craving vegetables and fresh salad and a home cooked meal even though still can't taste much.
Not sure of the restaurant we had this at but it was good!


Had to take my diamond earrings in to get checked and cleaned (for warranty purposes) and went to another jeweller after that and we bought my wedding band.  Guess we should set a date and actually make this legal...LOL.   Stay tuned!!!!
Wedding chapel at the Flamingo!

Nothing much else new on this end....will post a few more pics of our latest trip to Las Vegas.  Have a great week everyone and be safe.  God Bless.
Vegas 2014
Outside the Mirage in Vegas

Riviera Hotel & Casino Entrance

Sculpture outside Encore

More Christmas decorations in Vegas 2014
Vegas 2014

Love the lighting!

Fremont East Las Vegas!

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  1. Lovely post. Get better soon!! Wedding band, let me see it!!