Sunday, 18 January 2015

Another week about to begin!

I know that the holiday season is over but I couldn't resist posting the image of the Christmas scene.  It was one of my favorites again this year.  So pretty!  I have lots of images from our trip and will post some below.
Inside the Pizza Place
Who doesn't love chocolate!


Outside the Mirage!

Outside the Flamingo!
Now that's a shovel!

My future hubby!

Inside the MGM Grand!

I celebrated the big 60 this year in Las Vegas with hubby and our friends.  Got some lovely gifts for the occasion as well!  The J's gave me a pink flamingo for my Pandora twin sister gave me a charm as well with the words Sweet Sister on it.  Hubby bought me diamond earrings which I returned and we picked out my wedding band.  Looks lovely on my finger and we'll keep everyone posted as to when we make this legal....invites will be sent out!

Sweet Sister!
Flamingo from the J's!
This will be my wedding ring!

Not a lot going on here as we are still trying to get over this cold / flu!  This is very difficult to get over and we have both lost weight from being so sick.

The weather has been okay for a few days, not bitterly cold which is a good thing.  Weatherman said yesterday a high of 11 of Thursday and possibly 12 on Friday but I'll believe that when it actually happens.  We do get a lot of chinooks here but I would much rather be in Ontario!

Chinooks are most prevalent over southern Alberta in Canada, which get 30 to 35 Chinook days per year on average. In southwestern Alberta, Chinook winds can gust in excess of hurricane force [120 km/h (75 mph)]. On November 19, 1962, an especially powerful Chinook in Lethbridge gusted to 171 km/h (106 mph).  In Pincher Creek, the temperature rose by 41°C (74°F), from -19 to 22°C (-2 to 72°F), in one hour in 1962.[4] Trains have been known to be derailed by Chinook winds there. During the winter, driving can be treacherous, as the wind blows snow across roadways, sometimes causing roads to vanish and snowdrifts to pile up higher than a metre. Empty semitrailer trucks driving along Highway 3 and other routes in southern Alberta have been blown over by the high gusts of wind caused by Chinooks.
Calgary also gets many Chinooks – the Bow Valley in the Canadian Rockies west of the city acts as a natural wind tunnel, funneling the chinook winds.  In February 1992, Claresholm, Alberta hit 24°C (75°F) – one of Canada's highest February temperatures.

I grabbed a couple of pics from my friend J's FB pages....thanks J!  Now that's a beer!  LOL

Cheers guys!

Scenes from the Strip!

Jackie & I at Ethel M's Chocolate Factory.  In the cactus gardens!

Have a great week safe and God Bless!

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