Sunday, 1 May 2016

Dreary Weather!

Was beautiful yesterday.  Finally got all the gardens cleaned up, hubby moved the lawn!  Spent the entire day it! Today raining and miserable and cool!

New roof was done on Friday....the roofers did a great job!  We went with one specific company because they were the only ones who put "transferable warranty" on the paperwork.  Will be a great selling feature.

Two rooms need to be carpeted along with the stairs....minor things to do in the basement and clean out my clothes closet....then I can consider this place done.  

I haven't taken any pics lately but will take some soon of the gardens and post.  Plain and simple but tasteful.

Below are some pics taken in past trips.
Scenery in Montana

Statues in Montana

My favourite garden Centre in MT

Doll house at a store in MT

Unique garden centre in MT

This is a house that was featured on TV Show!

Through the mountains in BC!
Have a great week!  Another Monday coming up!  OMG! Really! 

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