Monday, 30 November 2015

Renovations have begun!

Monday, November 30th!  Came home after work, Stewart (Alan's sisters hubby and great carpenter) was still here.  All the horrible fancy crown moldings = GONE!  All trim around the doors gone as well.  Stewart told me all the paint, new trim and crown moldings would be picked up in the morning and he would bring with him tomorrow.  OMG, hope I chose the right colors!

New counter top is on order, the replacement windows (2 for now) and screen door will be in shortly as well.  This place will finally start to come together.  We have the new vanities for both bathrooms as well as the new ceramic tiles and granite counter tops.

I started to take some pics of the before and after!  So excited to post when I get enough of them!  Hubby is just leaving Mississauga now, been a long day for us both!  Monday's....tuff day!

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