Sunday, 13 September 2015

It's been a LOOOOOONG week!

The day finally came and our furniture was packed on a truck bound for Bowmanville, Ontario!  I never thought I'd see this day!  Hubby kept telling me to have faith and that good things happen to good people!  He was right!  We take possession of the house in B'ville, Sept 15, around noon.  Hubby will be there around 10:00 AM.  Need a few prayers here that all our stuff is still there and there's no damages to the house!
Empty living room!

The movers have arrived! Sept 12th 2015

First out the door! it all going to fit!  The bed still isn't in there!

Mid cavity and it's full!

They teased me...said the bed would go on top!

Empty Garage.

OK....they got it all....where there's a will there's a way!

Inside the cab of the truck!  Sleeping on the bottom bunk only!

Ron, the mover! And driver!

Leaving Millrose Place SW, Calgary AB Sept 12th 2015

Next stop Winnipeg tonite!

I have three days to work @ Calgary Main (Westburne) then start in Westburne Oshawa on Sept. 22, reporting to my supervisor here in Calgary.  I will still be a Calgary employee and will work remotely!  Management and "higher ups" are excited about this...even Robert, the "Chief" of all of Canada.

The house is totally empty, and the echos in here is unreal.  We have the toilet seats that go down by themselves...well I cam down stairs this morning, heard a noise echoing through the house and wondered what it guessed it...toilet seat!
My bed for a few days

Empty washroom

I truly have nothing to wear!

Main washroom

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Living room

Gives a whole new meaning to eating off the floor

Bathroom off kitchen

Not a dish to be found...except for Chinette!

Another view

A borrowed chair to sit on.

It was 32 degrees C here and sunny, what a scorcher to move a house!

Until next time......most likely that post will be from HOME!  Ontario!
Be safe everyone, God Bless.  Remember, HE truly does answer prayers!

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