Sunday, 5 July 2015

2 Days = One LOOOONG Week!

What a long week!  Went back to work after July 1st holiday, did 2 days and seemed like a month!  Things keep getting stranger by the day at work, now everyone is told that they need approval for everything!  Even to buy a lunch for a customer! I say, those toilet tissue rations are getting closer by the day!

Friday, July 2nd, was the beginning of Calgary Stampede....the big parade was yesterday!  As you can guess, not a lot of people in the office either!  Ummmmmmmm, wonder where they were!  LOL

Beautiful sunny day here...hubby has been working since 7:00 AM and just finished at you really think the company appreciates his efforts?  NOT!

Making BBQ ribs for dinner....have them marinating in ginger ale at the moment!  They look good already.  Delicious but had to finish them in the house as we had a wicked storm, thunder & lightning and high winds.

Saw on the news this morning that another horse had to be put down at the Calgary Stampede after the chuckwagon races...had a broken leg.  So cruel to animals that why I have never wanted to attend the event.  

Calgary Stampede chuckwagon races like this one in 2012 are the deadliest event for horses. One was killed after an accident in a race on Saturday.

Heavy hail, flash flooding as Calgary hit by sudden storm
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Stampede Grounds July 6,  2015

Concert at Cowboys Tent July 6, 2015

storm on grounds
Looks Nasty!

Much cooler today and it was great for sleeping last night as well. Nicer temperatures this week and for the most part looks like the sun will shine as well.  Company Stampede BBQ is this Friday and NO I am not doing the cooking this year.  

Could be a very interesting week coming up, all depends on ONE phone call!!!!  Seems people are coming out of the wood work now for some reason!

That's it for now, have a great week everyone.  Be safe and God Bless.  Talk soon!

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